Typical Selling Strategies

How do marketers typically sell online? You’re most likely using many of the strategies yourself. Perhaps you’ve tried your hand at search engine optimization. Maybe you write articles, you’ve gotten affiliates, you use social media, and so on.


Honestly, your success boils down to providing a product people in your niche need and want, letting them know about it, and getting it to them. You have to actively get traffic, build your list, and provide value. If the tried-and-true strategies aren’t working, you have to ask yourself why. You have to ask yourself what else you can do to make more headway.

We’ve already talked about the fact that you can’t just rely on one strategy. There are some people who do pretty well with one strategy, such as using Facebook to drive traffic, but then they find themselves coming up short when something in the algorithm changes. There were many online marketers who relied a lot on websites like Squidoo, for example. There was a golden period for marketers on that site but that all came to a rapid close, which was devastating for some… and a good lesson and reminder for others.

You need to be everywhere on the web if you want to succeed long-term. You need to be present on social media, on the search engines, on article directories, on the lips of affiliates, readers, and buyers, on your own blogs and websites, and more. You need to be the number one expert and the one people turn to in your niche. The way you do this is by strategically building your presence on the web.

It’s great to keep up with the typical selling strategies. If something is working for you right now, I am in no way telling you to stop. But I am telling you that you can make use of these 15 methods to expand your marketing further and to find success more quickly. If you use these methods, you’ll also be much more likely to have far greater success than you previously thought possible.

How to Make Use of These 15 Methods

It’s so important to be strategic about this. I’m giving you these methods, but you have to follow through. It’s only you who can take action on these methods. It’s one thing to read these words and it’s another thing to get the courage to try these strategies out. You have to test and tweak these methods to fit your exact niche, product, and overall strategy.

It can be overwhelming to be presented with the 15 strategies at one time. That’s why it’s important to pick and choose what works for you. That’s a big part of it as well — you don’t have to try everything at once. In fact, doing so could be to your detriment. Instead, choose to follow through with just one at a time. Once you get one going, go back and work on another one. Rinse and repeat once you’ve found success with the previous one.

The great thing is that each one of these methods can be added to your arsenal to turn you into a powerhouse of a marketer. Implement each one of these to succeed and move on to the next. You might find that some of these strategies work better for you than others. That’s totally fine and is to be expected.

The 80/20 Principle and the 15 Strategies

As with anything you do in life and marketing, the 80/20 principle will apply. 20% of these strategies will bring you 80% of your best results. Focus on those 20%. And there’s no way to know which those are for you until you try them. What works best for me may not work best for you.


Amp up your most successful strategies. Innovate and brainstorm ways you can improve on the best ones after your first attempt. There are always ways to improve, always ways to add more value to your customers and readers, and always ways to earn even more money.

These 15 methods can truly change your life and your business. Buckle up, because you’re in for a wild ride!

15 Amazing Ways to Sell More Products and Grow Your List

I know you’re antsy to get started, so here’s a breakdown of the 15 ways to sell more of your products. This is just an overview, and then I will cover each of the 15 methods in more detail.

Each of these methods is an out-of-the-box marketing idea. Some focus more on selling more of your products while others focus more on building your list. They all work together to help you become a true powerhouse in your niche.

Note that each of the methods is detailed enough that you can easily get started with it. But each gives you enough wiggle room that you can truly make it your own. That’s because only you know the best way to move forward with each method for your business.

The goal is that you will get more sales and traffic and more avenues to grow your list and sell more no matter which niche you’re in online.

Method 1: Building a Community

I’ve done great business by heading up some of the most powerful Internet marketing communities online. Earn 1K A Day and my Facebook group, The IM Inside Track, are both known for being among the best of the best in their categories. With this method, I teach you why you should head up a community to provide a lot of value to your niche, grow your list, and make many more sales.

Method 2: Creating Your Ideal List

There are many great people out there who can help elevate you. There are marketers out there you can work with who can help you achieve success much more quickly. You can leverage the success they’ve already achieved for your own benefit. There are plenty of things you can bring to the table as well. You’re going to create a list of ideal JV partners you can network with and contact so you can start planting the seeds.

Method 3: Focus on Personalization

This method teaches you how to add that personal touch to make it all about the customer. Digital products are becoming a dime a dozen online. There are so many Internet marketers these days and it can seem very difficult to stand out. One of the best ways to stand out is by personalizing everything you do in your business. This option alone can transform your business and help you instantly stand out even in a very crowded niche.


Method 4: Be the Bringer of News

There are certain people who you look up to in a particular niche. You might think of these people as gurus in Internet marketing. You can be that for the people in your niche (even if your niche is Internet marketing). One of the best ways to do this is by becoming a thought leader and newsmaker in your niche. You can be the first to report on news… And you can even make the news in your niche. I’ll teach you exactly how to do that within this method.

Method 5: Fostering Creative Periods

It’s so important to foster your own creativity and to innovate. I wanted to put this method early on because, while I’m handing you fantastic ideas, it’s always important to think outside the box. You can take each one of the ideas I’m giving you and really make it your own. You have to think unlike any other marketer. You have to try things no one else has ever even thought of. That’s so important if you want to stand out and really attract the very best audience in your niche.

Method 6: Giving It All Away

It’s so important to give things away for free if you want to attract an online audience. There is a huge reason why some of the best companies online give things away for free. Some companies that are very successful give content away for free on a daily basis. You can give away PLR, rebrandable reports, videos, and other content others can use along with your branding. You can also give away credibility-building content that your customers and list members will really love. I’ll teach you exactly how and why to do this and how to turn this free content into undeniable sales that can transform your business.

Method 7: Niche Social Media Domination

You can’t be an online marketer these days without paying attention to social media. Social media is a very quick way to get an “in” with your audience. It’s one of the fastest ways to become perceived as an expert. It’s also a great way to surround yourself instantly with the community, and more. If you want to be an expert with a large list who sells a lot of products, then you need to be everywhere. Being everywhere means being seen all over social media. When used effectively, social media can certainly be very lucrative and a whole lot of fun.

Method 8: Building Everyone into a Frenzy

Years ago, Frank Kern came out with a product called Mass Control. This product was all about building everyone into a frenzy and getting them so pumped up about the product you are launching. Essentially, it was all about creating the buildup and getting everyone in a niche excited about the same thing so they would all buy the product once it was launched. The same sort of strategies still work today… And you don’t even have to pay $2000 to utilize the method. That’s exactly what we talk about within method number eight.

Method 9: Creating Irresistible Offers

Focusing on your list is one of the most important things you can do as an online marketer. You want to create offers that are very irresistible to affiliates and customers. If you do that, you’ll have a ton of affiliates wanting to promote for you. Then, you’ll be able to create an awesome buyer’s list that is completely unstoppable in your niche. You can be an incredibly successful as an online marketer by following this strategy alone — I guarantee it.

Method 10: Sending Physical Perks

I’ve talked a lot about the importance of standing out. One of the best ways to stand out is by sending people things through the mail. Snail mail is somewhat of a dead art form. But by sending customers and affiliates things through the mail, you can stand out in some amazing ways that can really help you build your business.

Method 11: Leveraging Lists and Others’ Established Businesses

I’ve mentioned that you can take advantage of the lists and things that other marketers have already built-up. It’s time to use this strategy in a different way. You can focus on funneling the lists others have built into your own list. Do this, and you’ve got yourself a solid customer base you can contact at any time. Of course, it’s all about networking and building relationships both with other marketers in your niche and those who end up on your list.

Method 12: Putting Content Everywhere

I’ve mentioned that you need to be everywhere online. This is so true. Not only do you need to be everywhere online, but your content also needs to be everywhere online. You need to write, create, and publish a lot of content. You also need to use this content in more than one way. For instance, every article you write can be used on more than one website, shown to more than one audience, exist in more than one format (print, audio, video), and can earn you money in more than one way. This method shows you how.

Method 13: From Paid to Free

Many people shy away from paid ads, and I really don’t understand why. That’s because paid ads are the absolute best way to test anything you’re doing online. You can easily, and quite cheaply, run paid advertisements and then move on to free methods for advertising online for maximum efficiency and profitability. You can very easily build your list and sell a lot of products by moving from paid to free and combining the two.

Method 14: Your List Grows Your List

Did you realize your list members can grow your list for you? If you build the right kind of relationship with your list, they’ll be happy to do so. You can offer physical incentives, giveaways, social media incentives, and so on to make this happen. It’s actually easier than you think… And a whole lot more effective.

Method 15: Focus On These Things Every Day

There are some important things you should focus on every day if you want to truly sell a lot of products and build an incredible list that earns you a lot of money. You have to focus on value, community and networking, and your list, traffic, and content. If you focus on these things every day, you absolutely, 100%, cannot fail. I don’t know about you, but I love those odds.


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